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The Acting Center is not about someone else’s critiques, but developing your own creativity. It transcends other approaches to acting – and in my opinion it’s the only one that really matters.”
-Erika Christensen
NBC’s Parenthood, Traffic, The Upside of Anger, The Banger Sisters, Swimfan, Flightplan

Being a great actor


“Take all the classes you’ve ever been in, all the scene study, everything, Stanislavski, Meisner, all of it…now put it all behind you because this is the class, the truth of it. Plain and simple, this is acting defined, once and for all.” -J.M.

Dear Actors,

There is an idea out there that being a great actor takes not only a great many years, but a great deal of grueling self-inspection. We know what it’s like to struggle with acting classes that offer more criticism than hope. Maybe you’ve gotten frustrated and given up your goals because the technique is too confusing and doesn’t make sense.

You may have gone from what was thought to be the best Los Angeles acting classes to the next hoping that it would really be “the one”; the one that would teach you the true art of acting; the one that would help you rediscover that original feeling you used to get when you thought about acting. Then, after a short time, you discovered that this next teacher was another “acting guru” judging you and your life, making you feel as if you couldn’t possibly make it without them asking yourself which is the right acting school for you?

You may have gone from one acting class to the next hoping that it would really be “the one”

We know the 24 to 48 hours it can take to “get over” your last audition, performance, scene or monologue because you “wished it had gone like it did in rehearsal” or you “didn’t ask them your question” or “if you could have just done it one more time” or “maybe I shouldn’t have asked to do it again.”

We know what it’s like to second guess yourself because you felt you didn’t commit fully to the part. Perhaps the casting director asked you to do it a different way than you prepared and it really bombed. Or maybe it even went great and you’re worried about whether you could do it again if you get called back or get the job? Maybe it was just luck? Maybe it’s all just luck?

How much time have you spent in classes only to still struggle with that monologue for an agent? Or maybe you got the agent but you haven’t booked the auditions they sent you out on and you have moved to the bottom of their submissions list?

You see actors in movies and on TV. You know what good acting is and you know you have the potential to deliver that kind of work. But all those “methods” and “teachers” haven’t really given you what you needed to consistently deliver and get the parts and have a real career.

  • Have you lost the confidence in yourself to deliver what’s being asked of you as an artist?
  • Are you thinking that you just don’t have what it takes to make it in this business?
  • Is your own self-criticism getting in the way of your ability to create a character freely and confidently?

The Acting Center can help.

“I’ve been to so many classes and been told so many rules to follow, and learned so many techniques. Finally, today (at The Acting Center), for the first time in a really long time, I felt the way about acting that I felt when I FIRST started. That amazing, awesome rush of being completely immersed in your art.” Y.P.

At The Acting Center we’ve researched, developed and tested the most effective acting technique.

And it works.

No matter what stage your career is in, you can benefit from this eye-opening and revolutionary approach. Our students range from actors who have never performed before, to prime-time series regulars, to Broadway performers, and even Golden Globe winners and Oscar nominees.

If you think you’ve heard it all before, keep reading. This technique is startlingly different. From the beginning, you will discover secrets no one has ever told you about acting.

  • What is the #1 key to booking work?
  • Why do you second-guess your choices?
  • What did Stanislavski say about his own method?
  • How do you create real characters with real emotion?
  • How to become an actor?

These are just a few of the things you’ll discover on your journey at The Acting Center.

Who has the best Los Angeles acting classes?

If there’s one thing we’ve discovered, actors learn by acting, not by watching, so this is not a “sit and watch” class. It’s a “get up and act” class. You will work in every class and throughout the entire class period.

All the instructors are working actors – something you’ll appreciate as they help you connect the technique to immediate, real world application.

Our technique will give you the tools you need to approach your sides, monologues, scenes, commercials, theatre, TV and film roles. You’ll learn the exact skills you need to believably create any role, with any emotion in any situation—instantly. And it’s all tailored to foster your own unique style.

The Acting Center’s exercises and techniques are the key to guiding an actor to create great roles. Our teachers are caring and do not criticize students in our classes. You will gain a confidence in your acting abilities and in your choices as a performer.

We do away with the idea that actors are limited to only portraying a set type of character.

Actors can play anything they want to play.

We do away with the idea that actors are limited to only portraying a set type of character. Actors can play anything they want to play. And if all you ever play is one “type,” how adaptable can you be as an actor? Our technique will give you the flexibility to go in and out of any character quickly and confidently.

We address emotion in great detail. An actor should be able to fully express real emotion at any intensity instantly. An actor should know the difference and be able to portray the subtle changes between anger and hostility or grief and despair, just as some examples. A great actor can express and change these emotions seamlessly and with ease. The Acting Center has had many students who started classes saying they’ve never been able to cry for scene-work. One for one, once they get through our emotion drills, crying (and every other emotion) comes to their characters naturally when called for in a scene.

Our technique includes a Directing Scenes Checklist, where you will be taught to take direction easily and quickly. You will see both sides of what a director is trying to accomplish when directing and have more understanding for what he/she is asking. In addition to opening up new avenues of creativity for the actor, it makes for more responsive and more confident actors on set. This checklist also teaches actors and directors to easily direct actors to achieve their vision for a scene or film.

The Acting Center provides a fully supportive environment. We offer Private Coaching, One-on-one Career Consulting, classes for Teens and Kids, Improv classes, Industry Lectures – which teach key information about working in the Entertainment Industry – and student shows where our students get to perform in front of live audiences.

The Acting Center breaks through the myth of how we create – whether it’s characters, action or emotions. The technique is spectacular, allowing the actor to create instantly without intellectualizing or substituting. There is no judgment or criticism, so of course the actor blossoms, becomes more adventuresome and more creatively effective than ever before.”

Anne Archer, Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winnerRules of Engagement, Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games, Fatal Attraction

See just some of what our other students have said:

“Opens not “another” door to acting – opens “the” door to acting.” J.G.

“Wow! I was blown away at how deep I was able to go into character – and totally forget that there was an audience there. I was really the character, and everything else just came so naturally, and it was really real to me. That is something I only experienced once before in my previous classes, after years of trying! And I have only been here for 3weeks!” A. M.

“I felt freer than I ever have before, no thinking, just being and no plans. I flew. This is the ideal technique, the gold standard, creating abundance in your acting, which will keep you gainfully employed forever – free from the barriers of age, looks, and whatever other “barriers” you can think of. This is what I treasure the most about the school. The technique is given to you simply and is USABLE – therefore it is very powerful. You get a real way to create as an actor that works every time – not hit or miss like other schools I’ve studied at. Bravo to you all!” G.M.

“The difference is huge from my prior class (another school) is that, then when I did scenes sometimes they were good, other times they weren’t as good. But here it seems that every run of the scene gives me something new! Yeah!” E.B.

“I’m really making breakthroughs in not controlling the characters in the scene, which means really being the character as opposed to something else. I’m really having insight into how I thought in the past that it was my job to “portray” someone, rather than “be” them – and now I’m doing everything with an intention to be the character. And be without any mental machinations along the way. So now I’m discovering things the characters would do as I’m being them – not pre-meditating – of course this means a level of trust that I probably haven’t had before to truly bring myself to this acting experience, not just my mind.” R.G.

  • Do you know how to approach any character – or are you locked into a type of “casting?”
  • Do you spend most of your rehearsals, auditions and even performances doubting yourself?
  • You can say the lines of your character, but can you think his/her thoughts?
  • Do you have trouble memorizing your lines?
  • Are you emotionally free as a performer and able to instantaneously create and express any emotion at will – for real?
  • Can you immediately and completely get the essence of the character you are planning to play?
  • Do the scripted lines sometimes seem less alive or rich as using your own words
  • Can you create real character and then change on a dime when asked by casting or a director?
  • Can you take a long character Breakdown and become that character quickly and easily?

For the first time, all the skills of a master actor have been broken down to their basic components and taught at The Acting Center.

Let us show you how simple acting can be.  If you or someone you know could benefit from knowing the true, pure technique of acting join us.

All the best,
Christopher Smith & Eric Matheny

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